A FIRst of its kind AI league.

hive3 is where the best of the best come hash it out and shatter boundaries. and yeah, compete for cash prizes and rewards from their favorite brands. but the real reason is to master the craft and win bragging rights.

compete and rise.

maybe drop a new beat.
create a new movie trailer.
design a new pair of kicks.

whatever it is, it will be fun.

no competition is too big, or too small. our only ask is for players to unleash their exponential creativity on a global stage with a crowd cheering them on.

anyone can apply, but only a few will be chosen.

maybe you’ve recently started creating with ai, maybe you’ve been publicly exploring ai & sharing learnings. whatever it is— you're invited. everyone has an equal shot of getting into our league and everyone has an equal shot of winning.

in short, that means anyone can vie for a spot in the league. but only a few will be selected to play each season.

it starts with creativity, grit, and responsibility.

how it works is pretty simple: get accepted into the league, compete, win... and repeat. oh, and you'll have a chance to win some serious cash - $250K worth.

over the course of a season, you’ll compete, rise and showcase your exponential creativity in front of a global stage. and your opponents will inspire you to push the boundaries of innovation even further— we call that a win-win. who knows where this can lead? maybe you'll be discovered and connected with brands, producers, or labels.

to be clear— the $250k is simply a motivator. but it is not the most important factor.

what is? your desire to compete alongside the best of the best and unleash your exponential creativity. if that's a given, we would love to have you.

through ongoing collaboration with our creators, fans, and brand partners, we aim to establish standards and practices that answer the question of what it means to responsibly unleash exponential creativity using AI.

A 3D money card with $250,000 written on the front

so — how do we choose who gets the $250k??

players will play, judges will judge, and the audience will play their part too. we aren't going to lie it will be pretty f*cking fun along the way.

oh. and it's 100% free to join.

the time is now.